Westrend is an authorized distributor for all Sikkens Wood Care Products. Your product can be ordered and shipped direct to the job site or your place of business.


Your deck is exposed to a series of adverse elements. Ultraviolet rays, rain, snow, and hail all damage these surfaces. With its highest quality wood finishes, Sikkens offers the best solution to protect and enhance the appearance of your deck.

Log Homes/Siding

If you chose a log home or wood siding, you appreciate the beauty, simplicity and purity of natural wood. But your choice also brings some challenge. Protective coatings and ordinary stains don’t always give the best results. Sikkens’ high-end products protect your investment. These products have been tested over time; they can resist the harshest weather and preserve the natural beauty of your wood. Share our passion… our only goal is perfection!

Doors & Windows

Highlight the beauty of your doors and windows with a finish specifically designed for these surfaces. These finishes protect the wood while adding to its value. Sikkens will provide top quality appearance to your wood and preserve its natural grain and character.

Please visit the Sikkens website at www.sikkens.ca or www.sikkens.com and call us for technical advice and pricing information.