Why Prefinished?

Westrend can cover all of your requirements when it comes to Prefinishing. All materials are available prefinished in a wide variety of different coating brands and finishes. The simplicity of using prefinished products can decrease the expense and hassle of using unfinished siding. It’s easy, cost-effective and most importantly, you’ll have a product that stands the test of time and impresses even the most discriminating tastes. Our reputable coating suppliers such as Cloverdale, Sherwin Williams, Sansin and Timberpro to name a few, provide warranties on all prefinished siding that we supply.


•  Factory Finishing saves you time and money
•  On-site finishing generally costs 30% more than factory finishing
•  Reduces the risks of weather delays and painter callbacks
•  Coating is applied in a controlled environment
•  Variable weather conditions can lead to less than desirable coating conditions and subsequent coating performance
•  Back priming siding promotes long-term coating performance
•  Greatly reduces the chances of water penetrating the back of the siding causing the coating to flake and peel
• On site, the painter may or may not back prime. Time is money and back priming can be very time consuming
•  Uniform coating thickness promotes long life
•  Variable coating thickness can cause premature coating failure
•  Factory finished siding is protected from the elements during the installation process
•  UV exposure to unfinished siding greatly reduces the life expectancy of the coating
•  Recognizable, quality coatings mean long-term performance and low maintenance
•  Instant curb appeal

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