Natural Finishing Products

Westrend Exteriors Inc.

Since 1998, Westrend has been supplying customers with quality natural finishing products for both Exterior and Interior applications. Our high-quality standards and attention to detail have consistently resulted in a product that you can trust.


Commercial Design

Contractors and lumber industry professionals trust the pre-finishing experts at Westrend for all coating related concerns.

Residential Design

Westrend offers value-added siding and trim products to the custom home industry and its many distribution channels.

Interior Design

Come to us for a wide variety of products and finishes for interior products, from painting or staining, finishing interior trim or tongue and groove paneling.

What we Do


With over 25-years of experience in the building materials and coating business, we have developed a superior knowledge of substrate types and the coatings that are most suitable for them. We specialize in factory-applied coating systems for both residential and commercial siding products. From program management to product supply we offer unequaled service and value in all aspects of our business.



Benefits of Pre-Coating

•  Factory Finishing saves you time and money
•  On-site finishing generally costs 30% more than factory finishing
•  Reduces the risks of weather delays and painter callbacks
•  Coating is applied in a controlled environment
•  Variable weather conditions can lead to less than desirable coating conditions and subsequent coating performance
•  Back priming siding promotes long-term coating performance
•  Greatly reduces the chances of water penetrating the back of the siding causing the coating to flake and peel
• On-site painter may or may not back prime. Time is money and back priming can be very time consuming
•  Uniform coating thickness promotes long life
•  Variable coating thickness can cause premature coating failure
•  Factory finished siding is protected from the elements during the installation process
•  UV exposure to unfinished siding greatly reduces the life expectancy of the coating
•  Recognizable, quality coatings mean long-term performance and low maintenance
•  Instant curb appeal

What we offer


Natural Wood Products


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