Westrend Exteriors supplies a complete line of the highest grade STK and Clear Western Red Cedar Siding profiles and facia boards.  To complement this, we also stock an extensive line of soffit material in Cedar, Fir, Pine, and Hemlock, with grades from stk right up to clear vertical grain, and everything in between.   All products, with the exception of soffit are typically run to a resawn face,  but if requested, we can produce a smooth face as well. All items, with the exception of the soffit, which is KD only, can be made in a Green, Air Dried or Kiln Dried product.

Custom Pattern needed – no problem.  Westrend Exteriors has over 300 different pattern template combinations, ensuring almost any profile can be produced with quick turn around times.  Most profiles can be finished in smooth, resawn, rougher head, and comb striated, just to name a few.

• 3/4 x 6 Grn STK
• 3/4 x 8 Grn STK
• 3/4 x 10 Grn STK
• 11/16 x 6 KD STK
• 11/16 x 8 KD STK
• 11/16 x 10 KD STK
• 1 x 6 Grn STK
• 1 x 8 Grn STK
• 1 x 10 Grn STK

T&G – Stocking Patterns (KD Only)
• 1 x 4 KD STK V4E T&G
• 1 x 6 KD STK V4E T&G
• 1 x 4 KD Clear V2E T&G
• 1 x 6 KD Clear V2E T&G
• 1 x 4 KD Clear 1/8″ Fineline T&G

For natural wood soffit vents

•  1 x 2 thru 2x12
• 2 x 2 thru 2 x 1 [/tab] [/tabs]