Naturally Perfect® Wood Protection

For over 30 years, Sansin has pioneered the use of environmentally-friendly stains and sealants. Our unique water-borne technology is inspired by a thousand year-old tradition that uses nature’s own ingredients – resins and gums from the heartwood of trees – to deliver long lasting, sustainable protection. We continue to develop innovative materials and processes that reduce the impact of our coatings on the environment. Again and again our history has demonstrated that going green actually enhances performance.

Sansin offer an environmentally friendly range of finishes specially designed for cladding, decks and fencing. With just one application, the unique formula provides a rich and attractive coating that offers outstanding protection.
Westrend can apply Sansin products to all grades of Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch or ThermoWood cladding using our factory pre-finishing service.

Protect wood from the outset. Pre-finishing reduces time and onsite labor costs by allowing cladding to be installed immediately, regardless of the weather.

With over 80 standard colour tones available, Sansin provides a colour to suit any project. Alternatively, our custom mixing service can create tones to your exact specification.

Highlight the natural beauty and personality of wood.
Why build with wood in the first place? The answer is simple: beauty. In fact, at Sansin we feel no other building material even comes close to the natural warmth, character and versatility of wood.

Whether you choose from our family of penetrating transparent finishes or from our collection of solid hide colors, Sansin Enviro Stains deliver exceptional beauty that lasts. Our transparent finishes – available in a range of tones from Naturals all the way to our powerful Ultra-Saturated line – are renowned for their ability to enhance the character of wood with remarkable clarity, depth and crisp, clean color. And our solid hide colors are equally renowned for their purity of color and their exceptional UV and fade-resistant qualities.

We’ve harnessed the power of nanotechnology to create color as you’ve never seen before. An innovative process atomizes the highest quality pigments into tiny particles so incredibly fine – less than a billionth of a meter – that they combine with the protective oils and resins in Sansin Enviro Stains on a molecular level. Once applied to your home or deck, Sansin’s penetrating stains carry the pigmentation down into the wood for uniform color that is so vibrant and long-lasting it has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

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