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Cedar Valley

Shingle Siding Panels

Cedar Valley Shingle Panels are handcrafted with the highest grades of Western Red Cedar and are cost competitive. Each panel is constructed with a solid one-piece plywood backer followed by an Elk VersaShield® moisture barrier that’s waterproof and breathable.  And the construction of Cedar Valley panels is so dependable, they’re certified to withstand winds up to 196 mph.

You get natural beauty and long-lasting protection down to the last detail.

The complete exterior siding systems consist of handcrafted eight-foot panels, matching corners, radius flares, column wraps and decorator shapes, all constructed using 100% Western Red Cedar shingles mounted over an integrated fiberglass mat laminate onto a strong plywood backing.

Western Red Cedar
For generations, the preferred choice of builders for its beauty, durability and ease of handling during construction. Native to the Pacific Northwest, Western Red Cedar trees flourish in nature’s harshest conditions. They are naturally resistant to pest infestation and decay and are one of nature’s best insulators.

Single Course Panels
We handcraft panels in eight-foot lengths in a wide variety of shingle styles. Installation is quick and easy…up to six times quicker than individual shingles…saving significant labor costs. The one-piece plywood backer is easy to handle, and the smooth back surface makes marking and sawing quick and accurate.

Overlapping End-Joints
Our patented panels’ construction design eliminates seams and helps prevent moisture penetration with no calking between full panels.

End joint
Integrated Fiberglass Barrier
A breathable shield that provides additional long-lasting protection and decay resistance. This “3rd Layer of Protection” has been a part of our panels for over 30 years and one reason why our proven design has never changed. No other panel manufacturer can say this!

Corners, Radius Flares and Column Wraps
Accessories are built with the “Boston Weave” construction for added strength. This construction contributes to a premium finish and provides ultimate design flexibility while enhancing speed and ease of installation.

Unmatched Durability
Properly installed, Cedar Valley shingle panels and accessories provide low maintenance protection and beauty for generations. Our siding systems have warranties up to 50 years and are certified in ASTM testing to withstand winds up to 192 mph. To give you added piece-of-mind, our panels passed California State Fire Marshal Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fire testing.

Cedar Valley shingle panels and accessories are available in hundreds of factory finished stains and colors. Because we only use 100% on grade Western Red Cedar, and we create a natural surface by cross-grain sawing, stains penetrate our shingles deeper and paint covers more evenly. You get a superior finish that will hold its color and protect longer.

There are many other benefits to builders, architects, and homeowners, including:

• Savings: Our panels go up an average of six times faster than individual shingles, dramatically reducing installation costs.
• Easy installation: Overlapping end joints don’t require caulking and blind nail patterns are available.
• Reduced waste: Splitting of individual shingles is virtually eliminated. And single-course panels reduce waste in gables and other tight spaces.