Westrend Exteriors stocks a variety of sidewall shingle products and strives to offer only the best. The uniformly thick and smooth-sawn faced shingles are available in natural, primed gray, white, or in a custom color of your choice. Each of the products is manufactured in accordance with the standards established by the CSSB.  We can guarantee that you are buying a quality, certified product that adds beauty, texture, durability and insulation qualities to new construction or renovation projects.

Rebutted & Rejointed (R&R) Shingles

R&R shingles are manufactured from kiln dried Number 1 Grade Blue Label and Number 2 Grade Red Label WRC shingles, trimmed for parallel edges with butts sawn at right angles. Available in both SAWN and SANDED Face Textures.

Machine Groove Shingle

Machine Grooved for a shake texture from kiln dried Number 1 Grade Blue Label WRC shingles, trimmed for parallel edges with butts sawn at right angles.

Number 1 Grade Blue Label

  • Lengths:  16”/18”/24”
  • Width:     14” max. & 3” min.;
    • 16” shingles is 5/2” thickness
    • 18” shingle is 5/2”- ¼” thickness
    • 24” shingle is 4/2” thickness

Clear Heartwood: 100% edgegrain, no defects

*Number 2 Grade Red Label descriptions upon request.

Recommended Use:  For exterior and interior walls where a premium quality product is desired.

Wall Exposure Table:

Shingle Length

Single Course

Double Course


The WRC shingles are manufactured in accordance with the standards established by the CSSB.

Installation:  For installation instructions refer to CSSB Exterior and Interior Wall Manual.


The Western Red Cedar (WRC) Advantage

WRC sidewall shingles offer outstanding value both as a building material and as an increasingly smart environmental choice, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint of any house. The proven long-term durability and natural beauty of shingles are unquestioned.

Environmental Benefits
The demand for resources will continue to escalate as the population grows, and we can lighten the environmental load by utilizing more of the renewable resources that we grow in our backyard. WRC is a renewable construction material; it is the most simple and cost-effective way to help fight climate change. Not only is using WRC environmentally beneficial, it also adds beauty and value to your home. It is Canada’s richest natural resource.

WRC helps keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, saves you money on energy bills and helps reduce your carbon footprint. According to the Canadian Wood Council, WRC insulates more carbon dioxide than emits during harvesting, transportation and manufacturing; meaning, they actually have a negative greenhouse gas footprint. The less energy needed from fossil- fuel depleting resources, the better it is for our planet.

Green design often focuses on durability for the purpose of conserving resources. This means ensuring that a structure will last or that it can be renovated if necessary. Recovering materials at the end of a building’s life, rather than sending them to a landfill, is another way to extend material longevity. WRC is well suited to deconstruction and can be expected to last an exceedingly long time.

Finished Look
WRC sidewall shingles are highly refined products well known for their beauty and character. For many architects and builders, WRC offers an added aesthetic appeal that no other material can provide. Not only does it have the ability to hold a wide variety of finishes, it’s durability has proven to keep the face of any house attractive for years.