factoryfinishWhy Prefinished?

Exterior Prefinish Program

Westrend Exteriors can cover all of your exterior siding and trim requirements. All materials are available prefinished in a wide variety of different coating brands and finishes. Westrend is able to arrange shipment of our products to most destination points across North America and overseas.  Ask any contractor who uses prefinished siding and they’ll tell you – the simplicity of using prefinished siding can’t compare with the expense and hassle of using unfinished siding.   It’s easy, cost effective and most importantly, you’ll have a product that stands the test of time and impresses even the most discriminating tastes.  By using reputable coating suppliers such as Sherwin Williams, Sikkens, and Sansin, we provide warranties on all prefinished siding that we supply.


  • Factory Finishing saves you time and money
    • On site finishing generally costs 30% more than factory finishing
    • Reduces the risks of weather delays and painter callbacks
  • Coating is applied in a controlled environment
    • Variable weather conditions can lead to less than desirable coating conditions and subsequent coating performance
  • Back priming siding promotes long term coating performance
    • Greatly reduces the chances of water penetrating the back of the siding causing the coating to flake and peel
    • On site painter may or may not back prime.  Time is money and back priming can be very time consuming
  • Uniform coating thickness promotes long life
    • Variable coating thickness can cause premature coating failure
  • Factory finished siding is protected from the elements during the installation process
    • UV exposure to unfinished siding greatly reduces the life expectancy of the coating
  • Recognizable, quality coatings mean long term performance and low maintenance
  • Instant curb appeal